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VOIP is usually less expensive and more feature rich than standard telephone service. BEST HOWEVER, IS THE GREAT JOY IN GETTING THE PHONE COMPANY OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

This is an incredible opportunity to reduce your phone bill. We have used VOIP for 8 years and are extremely happy. As well as cost savings there are lots of opportunities to take advantage of advanced features like automatic call screening (stops the SPAM calls), follow-me-find-me, call pickup anywhere, I mean your hotel while you are on business on the other side of the country…Lots more.

VOIP is out of the growing stages, and any more time spent missing out on the savings and features is just a “Wish I had done it sooner!!!!!” regret!

Robinson Systems sells VOIP equipment as well as VOIP monthly service plans. We were the first representative in Michigan for one of the oldest VOIP carriers in the United States. Give Robinson Systems a call at (989) 843-0092 or visit our Web Store for immediate out the door shipping. We are always here to answer questions to get you on your way! You can always email us at