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WEB BASED PRODUCTION AND INSPECTION REPORTING - One of our long time manufacturing customers has engaged Robinson Systems to develop web based Production and Inspection reporting between their sites in the U.S., China, and Mexico. This system will allow parts manufactured in the U.S. to be inspected in Mexico and assembled in China. Web driven database, Web Services, Djaingo, python, PHP .... all the plumbing to connect your business ... we know how!

PRODUCTION MONITORING SYSTEM - Our TattleTale data collection system makes quite a difference for manufacturing. After a recent install (6 injection molding machines) in a thumb area manufacturing plant, the process tech found a 40% production increase was possible on one job. And thought many of the other jobs would find similar improvements as well. This system collects cycle data from the machines and displays it in real time on large displays within the plant. The graphs and reports are available on any web browser. This Works, call and we’ll show you!

GPS Controlled Spray - We are developing a system for a Thumb based chemical company to outfit their tanker trucks with computer controlled spay systems. If they are contracted to spray 1000 Gal / mile for dust control, the computer will increase or decrease the flow as the truck’s speed changes. This will allow a huge efficiency increase over the truck’s current constant speed only system. Also, the follow on truck knows exactly where to take over. Spray data reports as well.

TELNAV - This package has forms and data features to allow sharing of information between your employees’  phones and the home office.  Timeclock In/Out via phone. Bread crumbs on where your employees are and when.  Direct data transfer between your office and the employees’ phone. We have integrated some of the TeleNav features into Egroupware. For example, timeclock and payroll without the clock and the hassle of managing all of the time entries. Take a look.

EGROUPWARE - This package is really catching on. We are performing numerous installations. This software lets you run your company from anywhere, as well as keeping all of your employees connected and effective even when separated by time and distance. I strongly suggest you give this a look as your company’s operational software including accounting. This package is very powerful and open for adaptation as well. Best of all .... it’s free.   Call us for help!

LOAD CELLs - One of our recent projects was to design a system to test basement columns. We had a Load Cell built to our specifications, we built the electronics to interface the Load Cell to a laptop, we developed the software to generate graphs and store the test data ..... Wala .... a happy customer. We delivered this project on-time and within budget. We crushed numerous basement columns and enjoyed watching a happy customer determine his columns are stronger than the competitors. During the first hours of testing several “Keys” to stronger columns were determined. Now with feedback based on testing rather than guessing, this customer’s engineers are laser focused on the path to improving his product. VERY SATISFYING FOR US AS WELL!  Give us a call if you’ve got a science experiment (989) 843-0092 or

GENERAL PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY GUYS - A couple of years ago we gained a conglomeration of Grain Elevators as a customer (10 I think, spread ALL OVER THE STATE). Over the last couple of years they have come to rely on us more and more as their general purpose technology guys. It started with installing security cameras at all of their sites (bad guys were caught within a week), integrating all of the cameras for display at the head office, then installing cameras on the grain probes. Then it was Cell Phone Repeaters and some office cabling, then it was router security work. I was recently called in to fix one of their ancient phone systems (VOIP coming soon I suspect). WE APPRECIATE THEIR BUSINESS!  Give us a call if you need traveling General Purpose Technology Guys (989) 843-0092 or email

TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING - A while back Robinson Systems was engaged by Michigan Works as Technology Coaches. We went to work for any business that asked, and helped look for ways to improve business through applied technology, and Michigan Works paid the bill ..... every business was different, and we served many. The program ran for over a year until the funding was consumed. It was a resounding success. WE APPRECIATE THEIR BUSINESS!  Give us a call if you need some applied technology help (989) 843-0092 or

PA / INTERCOM SYSTEM - Recently we were asked by a community museum to install a PA system to help with their events. When I looked over the situation I convinced them to install an intercom system that could ALSO function as a PA. They have many elderly people hosting displays, and the intercom provides a helpline throughout the grounds.. It was a resounding success. WE APPRECIATE THEIR BUSINESS!  Give us a call if you need some applied technology help (989) 843-0092 or email

CELL PHONE REPEATERS - Just returned from a Cranberry Farm in Cheboygen. They are so far of the grid they thought internet connectivity was hopeless. We installed a high-gain directional antenna with our best cell phone repeater, put an air-card in their laptop and they were good to go. In fact, with a little configuration we put all three laptops on the internet through the same air-card. Their cell phones work great now also! We greatly improved the company’s ability to conduct business. WE APPRECIATE THEIR BUSINESS!  Give us a call if you need some help getting on-line (989) 843-0092 or email

DATABASE DRIVEN WEBSITE - Recently we were asked by Thumb Works to develop an online system to track customer service data through the internet. Now complete, we were asked by Thumb Works to present it to CMU and a few other agencies who want similar capability. I had to wear a tie ..ARGHHHH!  WE APPRECIATE THEIR BUSINESS!  Give us a call if you need some help communicating on-line (989) 843-0092 or email