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Robinson Systems was born of the Aerospace Industry.  Bill Robinson was a computer technician (MOS 5977) in the U.S. Marine Corps (ten years as a Marine, Bill worked with Hughes Aircraft Co., Litton Aerospace, GE, Collins Rockwell and many others), graduated from U of M, worked as Systems Engineer for GE/Lockheed Martin on the U.S. Navy’s AEGIS program for over ten years (AEGIS warship recently shot down the failing spy might remember)

Bill has built computer and video teleconferencing facilities in Japan for the AEGIS Program and as an AEGIS Systems Engineer Bill traveled the world analyzing RADAR, SONAR, and Missile System problems under extreme conditions.  Bill has developed hardware and software under contract for use by the U.S. Navy.


Over the past eleven years Robinson systems has completed projects for every type of business imaginable:  banks, retail, warehousing, military, education, medical, and manufacturing.  However, Robinson Systems’ broad range of abilities makes us really stand out for manufacturers. Robinson Systems has electronic design and troubleshooting experience,

Materials Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting Systems, Barcoding Systems, RFID Systems, Advanced Telephone Systems, Shop Floor Data Collection and Display, Embedded Control, Manufacturing Automation, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programming and System Development, Web and Database Programming...Robinson Systems prides itself on it’s broad skill set.  Robinson Systems can succeed where others fail when bridging multiple technologies.

If you need it done.....Give us a call.

All of this experience under such extreme and demanding circumstances is what makes Robinson Systems stand out as the right team for your IT projects


Robinson Systems is expert in using Linux Systems
to lower the cost of IT infrastructure

We have many Linux solutions in place for VOIP, Email Serving, SPAM Filtering, Shop Floor Command and Control, Database Serving, Web Hosting, and plain old File Serving for the workforce...all of these solutions get you out of the clutches of high cost software licensing.

With today’s high cost of travel, our experience with Remote Desktop (work from anywhere), Remote Meetings and Teleconferencing solutions are BIG cost savers for many companies.

Robinson Systems has reseller relationships with a number of companies, including Wilson Electronics Inc., and many VOIP products capable of supporting Asterisk Systems, and industrial strength Servers and Workstations for business use.  Robinson Systems also manufactures the TattleTale (R) series of data collection devices for shop floor Command and Control.