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Robinson Systems jumped on the Asterisk band wagon very soon after initial inception (8 years ago). We ordered a few Digium(tm) cards, built an extra Linux Server and we were astounded at our new VOIP PBX. Only a few software packages have ever stunned me with overwhelming functionality like Asterisk. It is capable of everything you can imagine. To slow down a bit, Asterisk is an open source package that turns a Linux server into an office PBX system. Asterisk can handle VOIP as well as POTS analog phone equipment. Added features to the PBX are things like X-10 integration for building control, alarm panel features, email / voicemail integration; as a programming shop we see the capabilities as endless.

We use Asterisk at our two sites, and also have a system we put in manufacturing facilities for an “ANDON” (alert system). This system can receive notices from equipment on the shop floor and notify the appropriate personnel via phone and email alerts. If you’ve got Lean Manufacturing and Factory Automation on your mind Asterisk adds some incredible capabilities!

Robinson Systems is a reseller of Digium and Sangoma telephony cards as well as VOIP Phones and monthly VOIP Service. Call us at (989) 843-0092 to place an order or checkout our online store 24/7.

Robinson Systems is also a source for Asterisk consulting. Need help configuring your box .... call us and we’ll remote in for a nominal hourly charge. Are you a big organization needing a VOIP Call Center .... give Robinson Systems a call and we’ll get you scheduled for a build out. 

No matter what you do LOOK INTO GETTING VOIP ..... getting rid of the phone company is a great way to make you feel better. VOIP usually cuts your bill in half.  I pay ~ $15.00 a month for 4 phone lines .... that’s it .... NO BALOGNY!!!. Been doing it for 8 years now. Give us a call if you have some questions or email us at: